Study Visit to the French Food Safety Agency - AFSSA

14 October 2009

A study visit within the EFSA Pre-Accession Programme 2009-2010 for Candidate and Potential Candidate Countries was organised at the French Food Safety Agency (AFSSA) in Paris on 14-15 October. Representatives from different institutions involved in the food safety system from the two Candidate countries, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Croatia took part in the study visit.

The objective of this study visit was to support the competent authorities of the two Candidate countries in acquiring the necessary knowledge, information and contacts for possible future partnership with French authorities who might support the achievement of goals and targets for deployment of their national food safety systems.

The study visit to AFSSA gave the participants good knowledge on how the food safety authorities work in the EU and by that gave them possibilities to improve their own work. The two-day meeting also provided a comprehensive overview on the legal, regulatory and administrative aspects of AFSSA, the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the French Ministry of Health, which needed to be taken into consideration for different food safety applications in the Candidate countries at a local, regional or national level.

Report (155.72 KB)