48th Management Board meeting - Audio available

17 March 2011

EFSA’s Management Board endorses 2012 draft management plan, meets Advisory Forum

The 48th meeting of the Management Board took place on 17 March in Parma. The Management Board endorsed EFSA’s draft preliminary Management Plan for 2012, discussed proposals for an integrated policy on independence and scientific decision-making processes and held a separate meeting with members of the Advisory Forum.

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Audiocast and documents

  1. Welcome and opening of the meeting by the Chair
  2. Adoption of the draft agenda
  3. ED progress report
  4. Draft Annual Activity Report 2010
  5. Draft Preliminary Management Plan 2012
  6. Draft Preliminary Budget and Establishment Plan 2012
  7. Update on external evaluation of EFSA
  8. Review of DoI policy – initial discussion 
    • Review of EFSA’s Policy on Declarations of Interest: a Reflection Paper : Document |  Presentation
    • Benchmarking of EFSA’s Independence :Document
    • Independent report on DOI in Scientific Panels: Document
  9. Appointment of the ANS and CEF Panel members
    • Document |  Presentation
    • Replacement of some members in the BIOHAZ, CONTAM, FEEDAP, PPR Panels and the Scientific Committee.Feedback from the Audit Committee
  10. Amendments to Art. 36 list of organisations
  11. Budget execution 2010
  12. Transfers in the EFSA Budget 2010
  13. Feedback from Heads of EU Agencies meeting
  14. Update from the Audit Committee
  15. AOB