38th meeting of the Management Board

18 December 2008

EFSA’s Management Board adopts Strategic Plan 2009-2013  
The European Food Safety Authority’s Management Board adopted EFSA’s five-year Strategic Plan, its full budget of €73 million and its Management Plan setting out key priorities for 2009, which will help ensure the Authority keeps pace with increased demands in the world of food and feed safety.

Draft agenda

  1. Welcome and opening by the Chair of the EFSA Management Board
  2. Adoption of the draft agenda(32.29 KB) 
  3. Adoption of the draft minutes of the MB meeting public session
  4. ED Progress Report(230.92 KB)
  5. Update on Final Seat
  6. Strategic plan 2009-2013(732.97 KB)
  7. EFSA's Management Plan 2009(1.21 MB)
    Budget and establishment plan 2009(308.48 KB)
  8. Strategy on Cooperation and networking:
  9. Presentation by the Chair of the CONTAM panel(486.84 KB)
  10. Update from the Audit Committee
  11. Budget execution and year end forecast 2008(71.5 KB)
    Transers in the EFSA budget(95.11 KB)
  12. Any other business