34th meeting of the Management Board

23 January 2008

Meeting Highlights

EFSA presented the Board with a round-up of activities in 2007 in its draft Annual Activity Report, highlighting some of the over 200 Scientific Opinions produced on issues such as additives in food and feed, flavourings, GMOs and pesticides. In many cases EFSA’s swift assessments allowed risk managers to take appropriate action in a short period of time.
Two members of the Advisory Forum, Mr. Busk (Sweden) and Mr. Reilly (Ireland) presented the Forum’s input into EFSA’s work and its involvement in implementing the strategy on networking and co-operation. The Board welcomed its progress to date and future plans to reinforce EFSA’s co-operation with Member States.
Dr. Philippe Vannier, Chair of the Panel for animal health and welfare (AHAW), presented the Panel’s work which led to a discussion on some of the key issues, driving forces and working processes in the area of animal health and welfare. Members agreed this would continue to be an important area for EFSA risk assessment in the future.

Draft Agenda

  1. Welcome and opening of the meeting
  2. Adoption of the Agenda(25.63 KB)
  3. Adoption of draft minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising from the minutes
  4. For information: Executive Director progress report(113.74 KB)
  5. For comment: Draft Annual Activity Report 2007(1.92 MB)
  6. For adoption: Amending budget 2008(38.27 KB)
  7. Presentation of the activities of the Advisory Forum(411.66 KB)by Mr Busk (Swe) and Mr Reilly (Irl)
  8. For adoption: rules of the Advisory Forum
  9. For Adoption: rules of the Management Board
  10. Presentation from Panel Chair(1.38 MB)– Mr Vannier (AHAW)
  11. For information: Staff Policy Plan 2008-2011(582.23 KB)
  12. Update from the audit committee
  13. For information: transfers(91.98 KB)
  14. Any Other Business