31st meeting of the Management Board

19 June 2007

EFSA Management Board met today in Parma
EFSA’s Management Board met today, 19th June, in Parma. The Board considered recommendations from the Executive Director on action in relation to workload, resource and other practical issues to support the work of its scientific experts.
Action was proposed in a number of areas: the creation of a new Panel, the further use of scientific experts to support the Scientific Committee working across EFSA’s scientific remit.  EFSA will also consider opportunities to build awareness, appreciation and recognition of the work of its experts amongst the scientific community; for instance through the possible creation of an EFSA Scientific Journal and the submission of scientific articles for publication in peer review journals.

Draft Agenda

  1. Welcome to members and observers
  2. Adoption of Agenda(19.6 KB)
  3. Adoption of draft minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising from the minutes
  4. For information: Progress Report(95.81 KB)
  5. For the Board's opinion: 2006 Financial Statements Accounts(789.02 KB)
  6. Presentation by the Chair of the Panel on dietetic products, nutrition and allergies (NDA) Panel(84.21 KB), Dr Albert Flynn
  7. Follow up of the Away day of the Management Board in relation to the work of the scientific committeee and panels(88.59 KB)
  8. Presentation of the work of the Communication Department(655.99 KB)
  9. For information: Budget execution and forecast 2007(35.77 KB)
  10. For information: Transfers in the EFSA Budget(77.72 KB)
  11. Any Other Business