EFSA Conference with the Stakeholders: Risk assessment of feed additives in the EU: Present and future

24 October 2007

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Regulation (EC) No 1831/2003 establishes the rules governing the Community authorisation of additives for use in animal nutrition in order to provide the basis for the assurance of a high level of protection of human health, animal health and welfare, the environment, and users' and consumers' interests, whilst ensuring the effective functioning of the internal market.

This Regulation sets a system for the assessment and authorisation of feed additives, where according to Article 4(1) any person seeking an authorisation for a feed additive or for a new use of a feed additive shall submit an application in line with Article 7. A feed additive shall be allocated to one or more of the following categories of additives: technological, sensory, nutritional, zootechnical, or coccidiostats and histomonostats.

In order to ensure a harmonised scientific assessment of the feed additives, EFSA carries out a risk assessment of the feed additives through the FEEDAP Panel.
Objectives of the Conference
The objectives of the Conference are to (i) describe the actual scene of feed additive risk assessment by all involved parties in the process: EFSA, European Commission, Control Reference Laboratory and Member States; (ii) present the views of different stakeholders, including industry representatives and consumer organisations; (iii) identify needs and perspectives of the stakeholders for improving the process; and finally (iv) to introduce the European approach on the new guidelines/guidance for the assessment of additives for use in animal nutrition.

This Conference could represent an opportunity to have a face to face discussion between applicants, people involved in the preparation of the dossiers, and the experts who evaluate them. It will also be a great opportunity to present EFSA, the FEEDAP Panel and its work to all the participants.

Structure of the Conference
The Conference will be organised in a way that provides for interactive exchanges of views between all participants. Meeting will allow debates and discussions, since it will be organised in five sessions on important and interesting topics.

The end of the second day will be reserved to discuss the final outcomes of the sessions and to provide overall conclusions and recommendations of the Conference. 

Who should attend?
The programme will be relevant for the stakeholders, European Commission, Control Reference Laboratory and Member States representatives, and in general for people involved in the area of feed additives. Thus, EFSA seeks participation of representatives from private, academic and regulatory sectors.

Travel and accommodation
Participants are asked to make their own travel arrangements. Participation on the Conference is free of charge.
Dates an Venue
The conference will be held on 24-25 October 2007 in Toulouse, France. The meeting will start at 9.30 on the first day and will end at 13.00 on the second day. The conference room will be in the "Mercure Toulouse Saint George Hotel", Rue Saint Jerôme, F-31000 Toulouse, France.
Official language
English will be the official language. No simultaneous translations will be provided.
The conclusions and recommendation of the Conference will be published on the EFSA website.

Draft agenda (40.06 KB)