36th meeting of the Advisory Forum

19 May 2010


  1. Welcome and opening of the meeting
  2. Adoption of the agenda
  3. Update on meetings and visits since the 35th Advisory Forum meeting
  4. Strategic discussion on EFSA’s work with the Member States
  5. Emerging issues
    • Follow up on emerging issues raised at the previous AF meeting

      • Bisphenol A (Agenda of the Member State consultation)
      • Endocrine active substances
      • Q-fever
    • Germany: Hazard assessment for substances evaluated by EFSA and ECHA
    • Lithuania: Pine nuts
    • Hungary: Energy drinks
    • Hungary: Hungarian food consumption survey
    • Cyprus: Exposure assessment – Initiatives from the perspective of small Member States
    • France: Critical blood concentration levels for PCB
    • Denmark: Risk assessment of inorganic Arsenic in rice flour for use in infant food
    • Other emerging issues
  6. Other matters raised by EFSA and the Member States
    • Impact assessment indicators
    • Food classification
    • Network on emerging risks
    • National expert report on aspartame
    • Exchange of experiences on assessing the independence of scientific experts
    • Other matters raised by EFSA and the Member States
  7. Any other business
Agenda (160.46 KB)
Minutes (298.17 KB)