Special meeting of the EFSA Advisory Forum on GMO risk assessment in Europe - 13 November 2007

13 November 2007

The objective of the meeting was for MS regulatory experts to share and discuss details of their respective national GMO risk assessment approaches, identify common approaches and possible diverging procedures among MS or between MS and EFSA on defined elements of GMO risk assessment, and consider priorities for future risk assessment developments. The agenda was based on the responses of the MS to a questionnaire on national GMO risk assessments. The outcome of the meeting was a comprehensive overview of regulatory GMO risk assessments in MS, highlighting commonalities and few differences in risk assessments and providing suggestions for future work. The outcome will feed in to the process of harmonization of regulatory risk assessments in the EU. A report of the meeting was prepared by the EFSA secretariat. The report will be shared publicly with the Commission, the SC and Panels, the Steering Group on Scientific Cooperation Coop and all other EFSA stakeholders.

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