EFSA meets with industry associations

27 June 2016

Increasing dialogue and stakeholder engagement during risk assessment was the main focus of a meeting in Brussels on 27 June between EFSA, industry associations and representatives of the European Commission. EFSA organised the Roundtable with associations representing applicants and industries operating in various regulated product sectors or with an interest in other areas of EFSA’s work.

The meeting covered several topics, including the Transparency and Engagement in Risk Assessment project and the Stakeholder Engagement Approach recently endorsed by EFSA’s Management Board. Exchanges of views were held on publication/access to submitted data, on dialogue with applicants before and during the risk assessment process, and on communication of EFSA’s scientific opinions and press releases. EFSA also provided the participants with an update on the implementation of the Authority’s Catalogue of support initiatives during the life-cycle of applications for regulated products.

EFSA confirmed it will continue to hold annual Roundtable meetings with industry associations as highlighted in the new permanent and targeted platforms indicated in the Stakeholder Engagement Approach (e.g. Stakeholder Bureau, Stakeholder Forum, Roundtable with industry associations).

The Roundtable meeting with industry associations was the third of its kind, following previous meetings that took place in October 2014 and June 2015.

For any questions please contact: APDESK.applications [at] efsa.europa.eu