EFSA celebrates Europe Day

EFSA premises, viale Piacenza, Parma
26 April 2016

EFSA celebrates Europe Day 2016

EFSA has been marking this year’s Europe Day with a series of initiatives at its premises and in its home city, Parma.

From 26-29 April 2016, EFSA organised info sessions where staff and experts presented the Authority’s work and shared their experiences about working for a European agency whose mission is to ensure that Europe’s food is safe.

On 30 April, EFSA took part in the #EuropeDay event in the centre of Parma, with representatives of the University of Parma, Scuola per l’Europa, Comune di Parma and the European Commission.

Celebrations closed on 3 May with the debate “European harmony: principles and perspectives of a continent with diverse voices” at Teatro Regio followed by a concert by EFSA’s choir and a performance by students of the Scuola per l’Europa.

What is Europe Day?

Also known as Schuman Day, Europe Day commemorates the historic declaration made by the French foreign minister Robert Schuman in 1950. Schuman proposed the pooling of the French and West German coal and steel industries, which led to the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community, the beginnings of a European federation. This year, Europe Day will celebrate its 66° anniversary.