65th Management Board meeting: Management Board discusses the draft EFSA Strategy 2020, Transparency and Engagement project, gives positive opinion on 2014 financial accounts - Audio available

18 June 2015

The Management Board discussed the EFSA Strategy 2020, which sets out the objectives the Authority intends to achieve and the values it commits to uphold over the next five years. Members also reflected on progress made since the last Board meeting on EFSA’s Transparency and Engagement project and adopted EFSA’s accounts for the 2014 financial year.

EFSA presented its strategic plan for the next five years to the Board to elicit structured feedback as it prepares the document for public consultation later this year. In an interactive workshop held on the eve of the Management Board meeting, Members explored the priority areas EFSA needed to focus on. A summary of the workshop discussions was given during the Board meeting itself.

Management Board chair Sue Davies said: “The vision EFSA has put forward for its work programme over the next five years is impressive, sets out a clear commitment to protecting public health to staying one step ahead of developments in regulatory science, and potential risks in the food chain. Innovative approaches to regulatory science, along with greater openness about how it reaches decisions and ensures independence are crucial to how it fulfills this vision.”

The EFSA Strategy 2020 describes the Authority’s core mission, the regulatory environment that it operates in, the challenges it faces in the mid- to long-term and the strategic objectives it sets itself to meet those challenges. There are five strategic objectives outlined in the Plan, which include:

  • Prioritise public engagement in the process of regulatory science;
  • Widen EFSA’s evidence base and maximise access to its data;
  • Build the EU’s regulatory science capacity and knowledge community;
  • Harmonise EU risk assessment methodologies;
  • Create an environment and culture of openness.

Feedback from Board Members on the document will be incorporated and then a final draft will be put out for public consultation in the near future, and debated at key events including input on EFSA’s Scientific Conference.

Transparency and Engagement in Risk Assessment project

Members also reviewed progress on EFSA’s Transparency and Engagement project, which it sees as a priority. The document presented to the board describes the steps EFSA can take to improve openness in its scientific processes and builds on a discussion paper that was launched for public consultation in 2014. Following feedback from the Board meeting in March 2015, EFSA clarified the various measures it has already put in place to enhance transparency and engagement, those that will be rolled out by the end of 2016 and those that require further consideration and that will be subject to a cost benefit analysis in the coming months. The Board will be updated on the approach to the cost benefit analysis.

2014 financial accounts

The Board gave a positive opinion on EFSA’s 2014 financial accounts, having obtained reasonable assurances that they represent a true and fair view of the Authority’s financial position as of the end of last year. The Board’s opinion will now be sent together with the final accounts to the European Commission, the European Court of Auditors, the European Parliament and the Council, as required under EFSA’s Financial Regulation.

Implementing Rules of Staff Regulations

The Board adopted Implementing Rules of the Staff Regulations that outline new provisions to enhance the job mobility of temporary staff within EFSA and also between EFSA and other EU agencies. The Rules, which are based on common model developed by EU agencies, contain requirements to launch an internal selection procedure any time an inter-agency or external position is advertised. The Rules also set out the process that EFSA must follow for the performance appraisal of the temporary and contract staff it employs.

New Board Member welcomed

EFSA and Board Members welcomed Michael Winter who was appointed to the Management Board by the Council of the European Union. Mr Winter, who works at the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, replaces Ms Valérie Baduel who resigned from the Board last year.

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Audiocast and documents

65th Management Board meeting by EFSA eu

  1. Welcome by the Chair
  2. Adoption of the agenda
  3. Board members’ Declaration of Interests
  4. EFSA progress report
  5. Accounts 2014 financial year
  6. Feedback from the Board workshop:
     - EFSA Strategy
     - Transparency and engagement in risk assessment (Open EFSA)

  7. Implementing rules of staff regulations
  8. Feedback from the Audit Committee
  9. Revised Charter of the Audit Committee
  10. Amendments to the Art. 36 list of organisations
  11. EFSA’s 2015 budget execution and transfers
  12. AOB