6th meeting of the EFSA scientific network for risk assessment of GMOs

12 May 2015

GMO Network discusses on-going and upcoming EFSA work

The Scientific Network for Risk Assessment of Genetically Modified Organisms (also known as the GMO Network) discussed upcoming EFSA outputs and activities during its annual meeting on 12 and 13 May 2015 in Parma.

EFSA works closely with Member States during the risk assessment of GMOs. Member States give their input on applications during dedicated consultation periods and participate at public consultations on draft guidance documents. Networks comprising scientific experts of EU Member State organisations with the respective GMO expertise are another useful instrument in this process. Annual network meetings give EFSA the opportunity to share its findings, exchange information, coordinate activities and seek input on current risk assessment projects.

Over 40 scientific experts from 26 European Union Member States as well as from Norway and Switzerland participated in this year’s GMO Network meeting. The discussions included two upcoming guidance documents:  

  • Draft Guidance Document for the agronomic and phenotypic characterisation of genetically modified (GM) plants
  • Draft Guidance Document for the risk assessment of the renewal of GM plant products

The meeting also discussed issues reflecting proposals by Member States, such as the risk assessment of second generation GM plants and of plants obtained by new breeding techniques.

EFSA is building on its specialised networks to strengthen the involvement of Member States in its scientific risk assessments. The dialogue with Member States enables EFSA to benefit from a broader pool of knowledge and to gauge the impact of its work on the well-being of European consumers.

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