14th meeting of the Management Board

27 April 2004

At its first meeting held in Parma, Italy – the future home of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)- the EFSA Management Board reviewed the Authority’s position on setting reasonable timeframes for its scientific work. The Board endorsed the Authority’s commitment to timely provision of scientific advice. However the principle of meeting deadlines cannot be at the price of inferior science. The meeting also marked an important step in EFSA’s future move to Parma with the signing of the Seat Agreement with Italy.


  1. Adoption of the   Agenda(78.4 KB) 
  2. Draft minutes of the previous meeting and matter arising from the minutes
  3. Information and update from Geoffrey Podger on the move of EFSA to Parma
  4. Geoffrey Podger – General update on developments
  5. Management Matters
  6. Financial matters
  7. Transfer of appropriations between chapters of 2004 Budget(71.69 KB) 
  8. Update on progress of EFSA Crisis Preparedness Plan and Commission’s General Crisis Plans(112.52 KB) 
  9. Revision of the Rules of Procedure(183.13 KB)  – (Document MB 27.04.2004– 7)(for adoption)
  10. Any Other Business