EFSA@ 31st World Veterinary Congress

17 September 2013

EFSA is contributing to the 31st World Veterinary Congress with a Scientific Colloquium on preparedness in animal health: "Risk assessment - thinking out of the box" and a Satellite Symposium: “Assessing risks in animal health requires preparedness”

  • EFSA Scientific Colloquium on preparedness in animal health: "Risk assessment - thinking out of the box"

    17 September 2013- 9:00- 17:00Prague Congress Centre, Prague

  • EFSA Satellite Symposium: “Assessing risks in animal health requires preparedness”

    19 September 2013- 12:45- 13:45Prague Congress Centre, Prague


In recent years, several unexpected events of vector and non vector-borne diseases have occurred in the European Union, with an impact on both animal and public health. The unexpected nature of those events calls for a re-thinking of emerging and re-emerging animal diseases in light of the conditions contributing to their origin, including societal aspects.

The question arises if the scientific community at large and EFSA in particular understand the drivers of such events and are ready to look at them in their broad context. What is our capacity to fully integrate this context into our risk assessment? What is our preparedness for risk assessment, particularly at the human-animal interface?

EFSA has initiated a series of workshops, based on the concept of innovation and transdisciplinarity, to reflect on how risk assessment in animal health could be improved to take into account the main drivers for change and emerging risks to human and animal health.

This series of workshops is organised around five important questions that we would like to answer:  1) what are the drivers of biological emerging risks to human and animal health; 2) are those drivers sufficiently addressed in the risk assessment process; 3) what are the lessons to be learnt from recent unexpected outbreaks; 4) how to strengthen engagement with Member States; and 5) how to best implement the concept of one health in risk assessment at the EU level.

EFSA is delighted to contribute with specific activities to the 31st World Veterinary Congress program and share its reflections on the preparedness in animal health risk assessment with a broader audience.

EFSA will also contribute to the WVC Global Veterinary Seminar on Animal Welfare.

Objectives of the meetings

At the EFSA Workshop “Brainstorming with the AHAW Panel on biological emerging risks” held on 26 June, the EFSA Panel on Animal Health and Welfare (AHAW) reflected on new possible drivers for changes. The EFSA Scientific Colloquium in Prague aims to look at the interactions of those drivers and at how they could be integrated into risk assessment, as to re-think risk assessment “out of the box”.

EFSA will report on the outcome of the Scientific Colloquium at the EFSA Satellite Symposium, taking place on 19 September at the 31st WVC.

Structure of the meetings

The EFSA Scientific Colloquium, to be held on 17 September, will be opened by synoptic presentations framing the issues followed by breakout session with group discussions.

At the following EFSA Satellite Symposium, to be held on 19 September, presentations reporting on the outcomes of the Scientific Colloquium and the next steps EFSA may take in this process will be presented by EFSA experts.

Who should attend?

Scientists and risk assessors, veterinarians and participants attending the 31st WVC are welcome to join the EFSA events. Up to 140 seats are available at both events.

Travel and accommodation

Participants of the EFSA events will need to register at the World Veterinary Congress and make their travel arrangements at their own expenses.


The events will be held in the frame of the 31st World Veterinary Congress, at the Prague Congress Center, trída 5. kvetna 65, 140 21 Prague 4.

Further information and the full scientific programme (WVC).


English will be the official language of the conference. No translation will be provided.


Do not hesitate to contact Maria Ferrara and Justyna Jaskiewicz for content-related matters at ahaw [at] efsa.europa.eu, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), via Carlo Magno, 1/a, 43126 Parma, Italy.