44th meeting of the Advisory Forum

27 June 2012

On 27 June and 28 June EFSA’s Advisory Forum holds the 44th meeting in Copenhagen (Denmark).

Final Agenda

  1. Welcome and opening of the meeting
  2. Adoption of the agenda
  3. Strategic discussion on EFSA’s work with Member States
  • Work planning and prioritisation – Optimise the use of risk assessment capacity in the EU

    • Feedback from AF Discussion Group on Medium Term Planning
    • EFSA’s multi-annual plan 2013-2015
    • Risk ranking – Disease burden
    • EFSA’s management plan 2013
    • Contracts and grants programme 2013
    • Scientific training activities in EFSA and Member States
  • Cooperation in the FEEDAP area
  • Food safety research
    • DG-RTD: An update on research activities
    • Update on proposals for prioritisation
  1. Other matters raised by EFSA and the Member States
  • Update on cooperation in the area of TTC
  • Public access to  documents
  • Regulated products
  • Transfer of data between EFSA and WHO
  • Pesticide residues in vitro combined level of exposure study – Exposure to mixtures of active substances and possible combined effects on human cells
  • French study of PCB concentrations in consumers of freshwater fish
  • World Cancer Research Fund  reports on red meat and cancer
  • Research on the carcinogenic effect of exposure to acrylamide
  • Events concerning food safety issues during the Cypriot EU Presidency
  • Other matters raised by EFSA and Member States
  1. Any other business 
Final Agenda (38.61 KB)
Minutes (276.7 KB)