EFSA technical meeting with applicants on the EFSA submission guidance for genetically modified organisms

12 December 2011

On 12 December 2011, EFSA held a technical meeting with EuropaBio and representatives from applicants in the area of genetically modified organisms (GMO).

For practical purposes and to enhance discussion and interaction, places were limited to one representative per applicant.

The aim of the meeting was to clarify requirements made of applicants in EFSA’s recently published (July 2011) administrative guidance document on the submission of applications for GM plants and derived food and feed. This document is designed to harmonise administrative features of all applications and to further uniform the organisation of the dossiers received by EFSA. It includes a completeness checklist which applicants must duly complete and attach to their applications when submitting them to EFSA. EFSA checks the information provided during its completeness check.

EFSA answered questions from participants on requirements of the completeness checklist and on the Appendices found in the guidance document. EFSA clarified all related questions and indicated that a future update of the submission guidance would take into account the discussions made at the meeting. The correct implementation of the submission guidance is expected to save time for the completeness check and will facilitate the handling of applications by the risk assessors of the EFSA GMO unit, the EFSA GMO Panel and Member State networks.

Agenda (60.76 KB)