35th meeting of the Advisory Forum

11 February 2010

On 11 and 12 February EFSA’s Advisory Forum holds the 35th meeting in Seville.


  1. Welcome and opening of the meeting
  2. Adoption of the Agenda(122.58 KB)
  3. General matters arising since the 34th Advisory Forum meeting
  4. Emerging issues (Part I)
    • Norway: Risk assessment of amino acids used as food ingredients
    • Cyprus: Boron in natural mineral waters
    • EFSA: Q-fever
    • Other emerging issues
  5. Cooperation between EFSA and the Member States
    • Cooperation in the BIOHAZ area  
    • Communications strategy review and risk communication guidelines
    • Update on the focal point work
    • Training activities on food safety risk assessment
    • Evaluation of EFSA’s science grants and procurement schemes
    • Aspartame report
    • Network on nanotechnology
    • IT working group on data warehousing and web reporting
    • Cooperation in the pesticides area (PPR and  PRAPeR )
  6. Emerging issues (Part II)
    • Germany: Endocrine disruptors
    • Germany: Hazard assessment for substances  evaluated by EFSA and ECHA
  7. Matters raised by EFSA
    • Document on regulatory aspects of data collection and sharing
    • Human health risk-benefit assessment of foods
    • Monitoring report on dioxin levels in food and feed
    • Exchange of experiences on assessing the independence of scientific experts
    • Other matters raised by EFSA
  8. Any other business


Minutes (249.38 KB)