42nd meeting of the Management Board

8 October 2009

EFSA Management Board appoints new Stakeholder Platform
EFSA’s Management Board has renewed EFSA’s Stakeholder Consultative Platform, readopting 24 organisations as full members for one year and finalising the list of bodies of Associated Members of the Platform. The appointment of members will be further considered taking into account EFSA’s growing and diversified remit. The Board also heard initial proposals for an upcoming review of EFSA’s communications strategy.

Webcast and documents

  1. Welcome and opening by the Chair of the EFSA Management Board
  2. Adoption of the draft agenda

    Document(24.61 KB)

    Adoption of the minutes of the previous MB meeting

  3. ED progress report

    Document(109.2 KB) |  Presentation(1.49 MB)

  4. Appointment of the Stakeholder Consultative Platform Members

    Document(169.22 KB) |  Presentation(217.88 KB)

  5. Presentation of the Chair of the Feedap Panel

    Document(307.57 KB)

  6. Review of EFSA’s Communication strategy

    Document(97.4 KB) |  Presentation(275.06 KB)

  7. Implementation of art. 36 on cooperation:
  8. Update from the Audit Committee
  9. Budget execution and year end forecast

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  10. Transfers in the EFSA budget

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  11. AOB