41st meeting of the Management Board

18 June 2009


EFSA’s Management Board backs co-operation plans with Member States, renews Stakeholder Platform
The Board has given its backing to proposals to boost risk assessment capacity and expertise in Europe for the benefit of both national and European risk assessment activities. A more strategic, longer term view on future joint cooperation initiatives will allow better leverage and strengthening of expertise in Member States for the benefit of the EU food safety system.


Webcast and documents

  1. Welcome and opening by the Chair of the EFSA Management Board
  2. Welcome by the Greek Authorities
  3. Adoption of the draft agenda

    Document(40.56 KB)

    Adoption of the minutes of the previous MB meeting

  4. ED progress report

    Document(172.26 KB) |  Presentation(772.31 KB)

  5. Financial Statements Account 2008

    Document(603.9 KB) |  Presentation(95.66 KB)

  6. Cooperation between EFSA and the Member States: the way forward

    Document(68.31 KB) |  Presentation(109.71 KB)

  7. Presentation of the Chair of the Scientific Committee

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  8. Feedback on the Impact Assessment Away Day
  9. Renewal of the Stakeholder Platform:

    Document(233.31 KB)

    • Review of activities 2006-2009
    • Proposed Terms of Reference
    • Proposed Terms of Reference of Comparison
  10. Update from the Audit Committee
  11. Budget execution and year end forecast 2009

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  12. Transfers in the EFSA budget

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  13. AOB