39th meeting of the Management Board

29 January 2009

EFSA Management Board discusses progress, adopts international strategy
EFSA's Management Board adopted the 2008 Annual Activity Report showing EFSA doubled the number of scientific opinions and other work it produced in the past 12 months, and adopted the strategic approach setting out EFSA’s goals for international activities in the years ahead. Preliminary results of a survey carried out among EFSA’s scientific experts confirm a strong commitment among the scientists to EFSA’s work.


Webcast and documents

  1. Welcome and opening by the Chair of the EFSA Management Board
  2. Adoption of the draft agenda

    Document(24.51 KB)

  3. Adoption of the minutes of the previous MB meeting
  4. ED progress report

    Document(118.46 KB) |  Presentation(326.84 KB)

  5. Welcome and update by Italian Authorities
  6. ED progress report (continued)
  7. Annual Activity Report 2008

    Document(425.05 KB) |  Presentation(417.23 KB)

  8. Letter from Gianni Letta, Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Italian Council
  9. Presentation and discussion on the activities of the Advisory Forum

    Document(296.43 KB)

  10. Draft strategic approach to international activities

    Document(91.88 KB)

  11. Staff Policy Plan 2010-2012

    Document(505.38 KB) |  Presentation(421.9 KB)

  12. Supplementary and Amending Budget Pre-accession program 2009

    Document(114.18 KB)

  13. Budget execution 2008

    Document(100.34 KB)

  14. Presentation of the activities of the Audit Committee

    Document(352.04 KB)

  15. Transfers in the EFSA budget 2008

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  16. Any other business