Join EFSA in Assessing Food Safety Risks in Europe

30 October 2008


The Seminar was attended by 48 experts from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Hungary, Malta, Romania and Slovenia. They came from various risk assessment disciplines in food and feed safety, human nutrition, toxicology, chemistry, animal health and welfare, plant protection and plant health.

The presentations provided by Prof. Diána Bánáti (Chair of EFSA’s Management Board) and senior EFSA colleagues gave a comprehensive overview, of who we are, what we do, how we work and whom we work with. One presentation explained in detail the application procedure for selecting scientists for EFSA’s Scientific Committee and Panels, while another showed the importance of cooperation between national institutions and EFSA. The case studies, presented by current Panel members, showed the scientific competences of three EFSA Panels in the areas of risk assessment of invading plant pests in Europe (e.g. Bactrocera zonata); cumulative risk assessment of pesticides; and microbiological risk assessment of BSE and TSE.

The round table discussion aimed to provide an open discussion with the audience, where participants were given the floor to raise questions to Panel members and/or EFSA staff. The discussion focussed on the benefits and implications of EFSA Panel and/or Scientific Committee membership. As part of the discussion the difference between an EFSA Panel and Working Groups was explained by EFSA staff. The difference between the call for renewal of EFSA’s Scientific Committee and Panels, and EFSA’s Expert Database was also clarified. 

The positive feedback received from participants indicated that the Seminar successfully provided a thorough understanding of EFSA’s work together with the benefits and implications of EFSA Scientific Committee and/or Panel membership. The scientific excellence and expertise of speakers and the preparedness of EFSA staff present were very much appreciated.

Final programme (22.3 KB)