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    3rd meeting of the FIP Network on FCM

    Parma, Italy 24 May 2016 Draft Agenda   Minutes   Presentations 5 CEF Panel: Towards a new EFSA Guidance on FCM 6 FR: ANSES: Recent developments for risk assessment of substances to be used in non-harmonised FCM 8 AT: AGES: Experiences EFSA Trainings 10 B ...

    24 May 2016
    Parma, Italy

    4th meeting of the FIP Network on FCM

    Tele-meeting 16 February 2017 Draft Agenda Minutes Presentations 5 CoE activities on coatings CoE 6 EC feedback from the baseline study 7 SL activities on evaluation of coatings (monomers, oligomers, other NIAS and additives) 8 NL activities on evaluation ...

    16 February 2017

    5th meeting of the FCM Network

    Parma, Italy 10 July 2017 Agenda (321.96 KB) Minutes (390.72 KB) Presentations 6 Revision of the EFSA Note for Guidance (1.5 MB) 7 Report from the 4th FCM network meeting dedicated to Coatings (272.8 KB) 7 EFSA FCM Group of interest on varnishes and coati ...

    10 July 2017
    Parma, Italy
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