Dietary exposure assessment methods for smoke flavouring Primary Products

Smoke Flavouring, Primary Product, exposure assessment, Maximised Survey-derived Daily Intake (MSDI), Single Portion Exposure Technique (SPET), and the Theoretical Added Maximum Daily Intake and its modified version (TAMDI/mTAMDI), Smoke Flavouring Theoretical Added Maximum Daily Intake (SMK-TAMDI), European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC), Smoke Flavouring EPIC model (SMK-EPIC)
First published in the EFSA Journal
6 April 2009
24 February 2009
Last Updated
27 November 2009. This version replaces the previous one/s.
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Panel members at the time of adoption

Arturo Anadón, David Bell, Mona-Lise Binderup, Wilfried Bursch, Laurence Castle, Riccardo Crebelli, Karl-Heinz Engel, Roland Franz, Nathalie Gontard, Thomas Haertlé, Trine Husøy, Klaus- Dieter Jany, Catherine Leclercq, Jean-Claude Lhuguenot, Wim Mennes, Maria-Rosaria Milana, Karla Pfaff, Kettil Svensson, Fidel Toldrá, Rosemary Waring, Detlef Wölfle.
Panel on Food Contact Materials, Enzymes, Flavourings and Processing Aids
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