Calcium citrate malate as source for calcium for use in foods for Particular Nutritional Uses and in foods for the general population (including food supplements)[1] - Scientific Opinion of the Panel on Food Additives, Flavourings, Processing aids and Materials in Contact with food (AFC)

PARNUTS, Food supplements, foods intended for the general population, calcium citrate malate, CAS Registry Numbers 120250-12-6, 142606-53-9
First published in the EFSA Journal
21 December 2007
27 November 2007
Scientific Opinion


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Panel members at the time of adoption

F. Aguilar, H. Autrup, S. Barlow, L. Castle, R. Crebelli, W. Dekant, K.-H. Engel, N. Gontard, D. Gott, S. Grilli, R. Gürtler, J.-C. Larsen, C. Leclercq, J.-C. Leblanc, F. X. Malcata, W. Mennes, M.-R. Milana, I. Pratt, I. Rietjens, P. Tobback, F. Toldrá.