Animal health and welfare aspects of different housing and husbandry systems for adult breeding boars, pregnant, farrowing sows and unweaned piglets[1] - Scientific Opinion of the Panel on Animal Health and Welfare

Pig Welfare, pregnant sows, farrowing sows, breeding boars, unweaned piglets, housing systems, husbandry systems, pig management.
First published in the EFSA Journal
29 October 2007
10 October 2007
Scientific Opinion

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Bo Algers, Harry J. Blokhius, Donald M. Broom, Patrizia Costa, Mariano Domingo, Mathias Greiner, Daniel Guemene, Jörg Hartung, Frank Koenen, Christine Mulelr-Graf, David B. Morton, Albert Osterhaus, Dirk U. Pfeiffer, Ron Roberts, Moez Sanaa, Mo Salman, J.Michael Sharp, Philippe Vannier, Martin Wierup, Marion Wooldridge.
Panel on Animal Health and Welfare
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