Evaluation of confirmatory data following the Article 12 MRL review for imazamox

imazamox, confirmatory data, pesticide, MRL review, risk assessment
First published in the EFSA Journal
1 February 2019
21 December 2018

Editorial corrections were carried out that do not materially affect the contents or outcome of this reasoned opinion. To avoid confusion, the older version has been removed from the EFSA Journal, but is available on request.

Reasoned Opinion


The applicant BASF SE submitted a request to the competent national authority in France to evaluate the confirmatory data that were identified for imazamox in the framework of the maximum residue level (MRL) review under Article 12 of Regulation (EC) No 396/2005 as not available. To address the data gaps, the applicant submitted new residue trials on rice. Since the number of trials was not sufficient, the data gap was considered only partially addressed. The remaining data gaps related to metabolism studies and analytical enforcement methods have been addressed in the framework of the renewal of the approval for imazamox. New enforcement and risk assessment residue definitions for plant commodities were derived and the toxicological reference values for imazamox were revised. The previous consumer risk assessment was updated using the residue data submitted on rice and the new revised toxicological reference values. No consumer intake concerns were identified. The current reasoned opinion is intended to give risk managers the necessary information to take a decision on the amendment of the tentative MRLs established in the EU MRL legislation. Furthermore, EFSA recommends to review all existing EU MRLs for imazamox, considering the new residue definitions derived in the framework of the peer review.

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EFSA Journal 2019;17(2):5584
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