Modification of MRLs for haloxyfop-P in parsley root and leek

haloxyfop-P, haloxyfop-R, parsley root, leek, MRL application, consumer risk assessment
First published in the EFSA Journal
28 October 2016
11 October 2016
Reasoned Opinion


In accordance with Article 6 of Regulation (EC) No 396/2005, the evaluating Member State (EMS), Belgium, compiled an application to modify the existing maximum residue level (MRL) for the active substance haloxyfop-P (haloxyfop-R) in parsley root and leek at the proposed level of 0.09 mg/kg. According to EFSA, the data are sufficient to support the proposed MRL of 0.09 mg/kg for the use on these crops. An analytical method able to enforce residues of haloxyfop-P according to the residue definition was made available at the limit of quantification (LOQ) of 0.01 mg/kg. Based on the risk assessment results, EFSA concludes that the proposed use of haloxyfop-P on parsley root and leek will not result in a consumer exposure exceeding the toxicological reference values and therefore is unlikely to pose a consumer health risk.

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EFSA Journal 2016;14(10):4608
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