Scientific Opinion on the annual Post-Market Environmental Monitoring (PMEM) report from BASF Plant Science Company GmbH on genetically modified potato EH92-527-1 in 2012

GMO, potato, PMEM, annual report, cultivation, case-specific monitoring, general surveillance
First published in the EFSA Journal
25 October 2013
23 October 2013
Scientific Opinion

Following a request from the European Commission, the Panel on Genetically Modified Organisms of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA GMO Panel) assessed the monitoring report, provided by BASF, on the genetically modified (GM) potato EH92-527-1 (variety Amflora) for the 2012 growing season. Because of the discontinuation of the GM potato cultivation in the European Union in 2012, the 2012 monitoring report contained a limited information package, mainly the results of the 2012 monitoring study for volunteers within and around the fields cropped with the GM potato in 2010. The EFSA GMO Panel concludes that GM potato volunteers can be controlled by the applied weed control practices but cannot conclude on the absence of enhanced fitness of the GM potato due to data limitations and flaws in the study design. Hence, the EFSA GMO Panel makes appropriate recommendations. Accounting for the biology of the crop, the GM trait and the common management practices in potato cropping, the EFSA GMO Panel considers it is unlikely that a potential change in fitness or persistence would significantly alter the ability of GM volunteers to establish. Moreover, the EFSA GMO Panel does not consider the occurrence of potato volunteers as an environmental concern but rather as a crop management issue. Therefore, the EFSA GMO Panel concludes that the information provided in the 2012 monitoring report does not indicate any adverse effects of potato EH92-527-1 on the environment or human and animal health. Therefore, the outcomes of the 2012 monitoring report do not invalidate the conclusions of the EFSA GMO Panel‟s previous opinions on potato EH92-527-1.

Panel members at the time of adoption
Salvatore Arpaia, Nicholas Birch, Andrew Chesson, Patrick du Jardin, Achim Gathmann, Jürgen Gropp, Lieve Herman, Hilde-Gunn Hoen-Sorteberg, Huw Jones, Jozsef Kiss, Gijs Kleter, Martinus Lovik, Antoine Messéan, Hanspeter Naegeli, Kaare M. Nielsen, Jaroslava Ovesná, Joe Perry, Nils Rostoks, Christoph Tebbe.
Panel on Genetically Modified Organisms
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EFSA Journal 2013;11(10):3445
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