Opinion of the Scientific Panel on Animal Health and Welfare (AHAW) on a request from the Commission related with the welfare aspects of the main systems of stunning and killing applied to commercially farmed deer, goats, rabbits, ostriches, ducks, geese


Panel on Animal Health and Welfare
Panel Members
Herbert Budka, Sava Buncic, Pierre Colin, John D Collins, Christian Ducrot, James Hope, Mac Johnston, Günter Klein, Hilde Kruse, Ernst Lücker, Simone Magnino, Riitta Liisa Maijala, Antonio Martínez López, Christophe Nguyen-The, Birgit Noerrung, Servé Notermans, George-John E Nychas, Maurice Pensaert, Terence Roberts, Ivar Vågsholm, Emmanuel Vanopdenbosch

The working group drafted the scientific risk assessment, which was then reviewed and adopted by the AHAW Panel. The working group was chaired by Harry Blokhuis on behalf of the AHAW
Panel. The members of the working group were:
- Harry J. Blokhuis, Joerg Hartung, Silvana Diverio, Eva Wikland, Ingrid Schuett-Abraham, Bert
Lambooij, Steve Wotton, Sava Buncic ( BioHazards Panel) and Leisha Hewitt (proofreading).

Opinion of the Scientific Committee/Scientific Panel
Question Number
13 February 2006
Published in the EFSA Journal
27 March 2006
Last Updated
27 March 2006. This version replaces the previous one/s.
European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), Parma, Italy

No abstract available

deer, goats, rabbits, ostriches, ducks, geese, quail,, animal welfare, stunning,killing, slaughterhouses, disease control, consciousness, mechanical stunning methods,mechanical stun / killing methods, electrical stunning methods, electrical stun / killing, methods, gas stunning methods, gas stun / killing methods, controlled atmospheres,needle bolts, percussive stunning, asphyxia, decapitation, exsanguinations, anaesthesia,shooting, biosecurity, food safety, microbiological safety.
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