Opinion of the Scientific Panel on food additives, flavourings, processing aids and materials in contact with food (AFC) related to use of an enzyme preparation based on thrombin:fibrinogen derived from cattle and/or pigs as a food additive for reconstituting food

Thrombin, fibrinogen, fibrin, proteolytic enzyme, blood plasma, reconstituted food
First published in the EFSA Journal
3 June 2005
26 April 2005
Last Updated
3 June 2005. This version replaces the previous one/s.
Scientific Opinion

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Panel members at the time of adoption
R. Anton, S. Barlow, D. Boskou, L. Castle, R. Crebelli, W. Dekant, K.-H Engel, S. Forsythe, W. Grunow, M. Heinonen, J.C. Larsen, C. Leclercq, W. Mennes, M.-R. Milana, I. Pratt, I. Rietjens, K. Svensson, P. Tobback, F. Toldrá.
Panel on Food Additives and Nutrient Sources Added to Food
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