Public call for data on health and welfare aspects of genetic selection of broilers

Meat producing chicken, broiler, broiler breeders, genetic selection, health, welfare, diseases
First published in EFSA Supporting Publications
17 December 2009
Technical Report


The European Commission has requested the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to gather and assess all data available and produce  two scientific opinions on: the influence of genetic selection on the welfare and resistance to stress of commercial broilers; and the welfare aspects of housing and management for broiler breeders. In response to that request, the Animal Health and Welfare (AHAW) Unit and the Data Collection and Exposure (DATEX) Unit have launched a public call for data. The call was based on 19 specific questions and was open from July 11th to October 15th 2009. A Technical Meeting was held on the 23rd of September 2009 with AHAW stakeholders to ensure best responses to the call. Governmental bodies, interested organisations, producer associations, breeding companies, universities, research institutions, and few individuals have submitted information in response to the call for data. A total of 184 contributions were received from 13 individual sources. The information collected was transmitted to the recipients of an Article 36 grant (the TOGA project consortium) to be included in the systematic review process to be performed on health and welfare aspects of genetic selection in broilers.

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EFSA Journal 2009; 7(12):1439
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