Joint Opinion on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) focused on zoonotic infections

Antimicrobial resistance, usage of antimicrobials, biocides, Campylobacter, cephalosporins, E. coli, emerging risks, foodborne zoonoses, macrolides, MRSA, multidrug resistance, quinolones, Salmonella, veterinary medicines.
First published in the EFSA Journal
16 November 2009
28 October 2009
Last Updated
23 November 2009. This version replaces the previous one/s.
Scientific Opinion

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Panel members at the time of adoption
Advisory Forum (ECDC) members: BIOHAZ Panel Members (EFSA): Olivier Andreoletti, Herbert Budka, Sava Buncic, John D Collins, John Griffin, Tine Hald, Arie Havelaar, James Hope, Günter Klein, James McLauchlin, Winy Messens, Christine Muller-Graf, Christophe Nguyen-The, Birgit Noerrung, Luisa Peixe, Miguel Prieto Maradona, Antonia Ricci, John Sofos, John Threlfall, Ivar Vågsholm, Emmanuel Vanopdenbosch. EFSA-Q-2008-781 doi:10.2903/j.efsa.2009.1372 CVMP Members (EMEA): and SAGAM/CVMP Members (EMEA): SCENIHR Members:
Panel on Biological Hazards
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EFSA Journal 2009; 7(11):1372
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