Report of the Quality Manager 2013

Quality Management Vision: To create a pre-eminent, fit-for-purpose quality management system that is fully integrated into the organisation’s Management Standards, focused on customer service and dedicated to achieving excellence through continuous improvement.

2013 saw further progress on implementing a Quality Management System (QMS) for EFSA with the following highlights (for details see full text):

  • Completion of EFSA outputs review by the ERWG (External Review Working Group);
  • Filling the remaining gaps in ISO 9001:2008 compatibility for the science areas;
  • Completion of the Repository of Governance and Management Documents for the whole organisation;
  • Set up of a customer feedback mechanism for science;
  • Start of the roll-out of quality management to Resources & Support (RESU) and Communications (COMMS) Departments.

In 2014 activities will focus on progressing the roll-out of a QMS to the RESU and COMMS parts of the organisation, further development of the Repository of Governance and Management Documents, evolution of the ERWG and, finally, consolidating the move towards getting things “right first time” and evidence based continuous improvement.

The target is to achieve a fully integrated ISO-compatible QMS for the whole organisation by the end of 2016.

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25 April 2014