Report of the Quality Manager 2012

Quality Management Vision: To create a preeminent, fit for purpose quality management system that is fully integrate into the organisations Management Standards, focused on customer service and dedicated to achieving excellence through continuous improvement.

2012 saw further progress on implementing a fully integrated Quality Management System (QMS) for EFSA with the following highlights:

  • Renewal of the Mandate of the External Review Working Group (ERWG) along with the appointment of new members with Editorial Board and International Scientific review experience;  
  • Completion of the Scientific Process Mapping exercise which was then the basis for the revision and re-launch of the Standard Operating Procedures;
  • The development of mechanism for bringing together and effectively managing the documents relating to the Governance of the organisation;
  • Completion of an exercise by an internationally recognised certification body to assess the organisation’s progress towards its stated aim of developing an ISO 9001 compliant QMS for its scientific activities by the end of 2014.

2013 has started with the adoption of an ambitious and exciting plan to put customer focus at the centre of our continuous improvement activities. This plan will require the development of an internal and external customer service culture, the development of a fit for purpose approach for our products and services, and will test the organisations appetite for change and its resources availability.

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16 April 2013