Annual Management Plan 2013

EFSA’s activities in 2013 will be guided by its key strategies, in particular Science Strategy 2012-2016 and Communications Strategy 2010-2013 as well as the overarching Strategic Plan 2009-2013, with the latter two up for review before the end of the year. They will be supplemented by an Information Technology (IT) Strategy to provide direction for this important and resource-intensive aspect of EFSA’s work and to complement the existing IT Investment Plan 2012-2014. To provide clarity and predictability on expected workloads and facilitate the involvement of national food safety agencies and other stakeholders in EFSA’s work programme, a rolling multiannual work programme (Multiannual Plan) will be issued in 2013 with input from the Commission, Member States and other key stakeholders. One of the key initiatives of the Science Strategy, the provision of a series of specialised courses on advanced aspects of risk assessment for EFSA panel members, Scientific Committee and staff, will start in February 2013 and is scheduled to run until 2015. In parallel, EFSA will introduce an enhanced knowledge management programme and begin to identify new career paths for its scientific staff. It is anticipated that the outcome of the deliberations on fees for EFSA will be available during the course of 2013 and will be an important consideration in the ongoing preparation for the Union’s Financial Framework 2014-2020.

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17 January 2013