Expert assistance with the analysis, interpretation and drafting of the 2019 annual report on surveillance for avian influenza in poultry and wild birds in Member States of the European Union

24 February 2020 - 23:59 (CET)
  • Reference: NP/EFSA/APLHA/2020/06
  • Background: The present negotiated procedure relates to the European annual report on Avian Influenza surveillance. Expert assistance is requested on the validation, collation, and analysis of the data provided by MSs to EFSA on the surveillance activities carried out in poultry and wild birds during 2019.
  • Budget: 30,000€
  • Approximate launch date: End of February
  • Deadline to register interest: 24/02/2020
  • Selection criteria - technical and professional capacity:
    • Requirement 1: The tenderer must have extensive and demonstrable experience in data collection, data validation, data management, data visualisation and epidemiological/statistical analysis (including trend analysis) of surveillance and monitoring data.
    • Requirement 2: The tenderer must have expertise in Geographical information systems and in the production of maps to visualise disease patterns.
    • Requirement 3: Ability to provide a team of experts of minimum 2 people able to fulfil the following specific expertise requirements:
      • Expertise in the design and/or evaluation of Avian Influenza surveillance programmes in poultry and wild birds in accordance to the EU legislation.
      • Knowledge of EU legislation in relation to Avian Influenza surveillance, with knowledge of the reporting system used by MSs to submit data to EFSA and the type of data being reported.
      • Experience in producing EU reports, with at least 5 years of experience in the fields described above, as demonstrated with relevant publications.
    • Requirement 4: The team of experts must have an excellent level of spoken and written English.

If you are interested in this procedure please send an email within the deadline to efsaprocurement [at] quoting the reference of the procedure and specifying the following:

  • your name/organisation’s name and address;
  • whether you would like participate as a physical person or an organisation/private company.
11 February 2020