Entomological survey to study the possible involvement of arthropod vectors in the transmission of African swine fever virus in Romania

18 July 2019 - 23:59
  • Procedure Reference: NP/EFSA/ALPHA/2019/03
  • Budget: 143,000.00 €
  • Approximate launch date: 22/07/2019
  • Deadline to register interest: 18/07/2019
  • Background:

    Since the introduction in the EU in 2014, the African swine fever virus has affected 9 EU Member States and is spreading dramatically across the European and Asian continent. In 2018, in Romania, the epidemic has mainly occurred in domestic pigs. Following the epidemiological investigations in Romania, where more than 1000 outbreaks have been reported in domestic pig farms, with most of the outbreaks observed in the summer months, it has been hypothesised, that the existence of possible risk factors such as haematopoietic insects together with the geographical positioning and weather conditions, could have accentuated the rapid dissemination of the virus over the summer.

    This study aims to identify a possible involvement of specific arthropod group/species in the transmission of ASFV (mechanic or biological) through the identification of genetic material of African swine fever in haematophagous arthropods present on ASF-affected farms.

  • Selection criteria - technical and professional capacity:

    The tenderer shall demonstrate to possess the following capacity to perform the contract.

    1. The project team must consist at least out of the following 3 profiles:

    • One project leader with proven experience in project management, a senior profile in veterinary science and background in vector-borne diseases epidemiology. He/she should have a PhD/Master or equivalent educational degree and at least 5 years of professional experience and proven record in successfully coordinating scientific research projects in the area of vector-borne diseases.

    • A minimum of 1 additional scientists/researchers with a University degree in entomology, life sciences, biology or veterinary science or public health with a minimum of five years demonstrable experience in vector-borne diseases surveillance and/or assessment.

    • A minimum of 1 qualified lab technicians with experience in the diagnostic procedures to test for the presence African swine fever virus genome. Experience with the handling and testing of vector samples is an asset.

    2. The tenderer must ensure business continuity during the reference period (6 months)

    3. The project manager must have overall an excellent level of spoken and written standard UK English (proven with C2 certification or 5 years of continuous experience in working in English).

If you are interested in this procedure please send an email within the deadline to EFSAprocurement [at] efsa.europa.eu quoting the reference of the procedure and specifying the following:

• your name/organisation’s name and address;

• whether you participate as a physical person or an organisation/private company.

4 July 2019