Call for input data for the Exposure Assessment of Food Enzymes - 2nd Call

15 February 2018

2nd Call : Input data for the Exposure Assessment of Food Enzymes

Food processes

  • Cereal-based processes
  • Savoury sacks processing

Instruction for completing the attached MS Excel ® file

Sheet 1 contains a legend for the information given in Sheets 2 and 3.

EFSA is seeking your feedback on the information listed in the Excel file concerning the FoodEx categories (column B), and the associated technical factors (columns D-G) for Cereal-based processes (Sheet 2) and Savoury snacks processing (Sheet 3)

  1. For FoodEx categories (column B), should any food group be excluded? Or are there any food groups missing from the list?

In column I, please indicate ‘Remove’ for foodgroups to be exluded, and list any additionally proposed food groups with the corresponding FoodEx category at the end of this column.

The FoodEx categories are available in the FoodEx list (Sheet 4).

  1. In columns D-G, the average technical conversion factors (f1) and standard recipe fractions (f2) derived from open information sources are listed.

If the derived factor for each FoodEx category differs significantly from the one applicable to the product of which you are aware (considering the variability between foods in the category), please propose an alternative average factor for the FoodEx category in columns J-M.

For transparency purposes, please provide a short text using columns N-R to justify any feedback given in columns I-M. Any references should be provided in column S.

Submission of data

Data should be submitted directly to EFSA using the dedicated e-mail address for this service: foodenzyme.datacall [at] . This mailbox is also the contact point for any technical support/advice you need for the reporting of this data.

30 November 2017