Call for scientific data on mercury as an undesirable substance in animal feed

31 January 2007
EFSA has been asked by the European Commission to provide risk assessments on mercury as an undesirable substance in animal feed.
EFSA would be grateful if Member States or stakeholders that have analysed for these compounds in feed could contribute to the risk assessments by submitting these data to EFSA.
The data should comprise: feed commodity, substance, limit of detection, method of analyses, if the results are expressed as 88 % dry matter, and all negative samples should be included.
If possible, EFSA would welcome the data by 1 February 2007.
Data should be sent to this e-mail address:
contaminants [at] ()
Contact person in EFSA:
Dr. Stefan Fabiansson
European Food Safety Authority
Largo N. Palli 5/A
I-43100 Parma
Tel: +39 0521 036 446
Fax: +39 0521 036 546
19 December 2006