Website/Technical issues

EFSA website and other technical issues

Can I link to EFSA’s website from my website?

Yes, you can place a link on your website without formal permission. However, all links to the EFSA website are subject to certain conditions - please consult the EFSA linking policy.

Do you place external links on your website upon request?

No, EFSA does not accept spontaneous requests to place external links on our website. Links to other websites are made solely based on their relevance to the content on the EFSA website.

I cannot open a file on the webpage. Can you help me?

The file types used on EFSA’s website are mainly PDF and Excel. The file type and size are shown after the link. The size of the file and/or your internet connection will affect the time it takes to download the file. If a file does not open, please try again later, as there might be a temporary problem with your internet connection.

Do you sell advertising space on your website?
As a public EU body, EFSA does not include any form of commercial advertising on its website or in its newsletters.

I have a problem opening the database of health claims

You need Microsoft Access 2003 or a later version to view the database. The file cannot be opened with an older version of Access or, for example, MS Wizard. To open the file, please click through any security warnings as the file is safe to open.

How do I know that my online job application was registered?

The application form has been submitted successfully if you receive an ID number. If you do not, the application has not been registered in our database and you will have to submit the form again. If the form does not open correctly, please try again later. Due to the large number of applications we receive, the system may have problems processing the amounts of data close to the deadline.

How do I find the information I am looking for on the EFSA website?

For information about EFSA’s activities on a specific issue, use the site search, or search the standalone Register of Questions database, which contains all requests received by EFSA, including the status of each one.

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If you still have a question for us, please send us your enquiry using the Ask EFSA online form.