Contacts and visits

Contacting EFSA staff and visiting us

Where can I find the contact information for EFSA staff?

The Operational management page provides contact details for the Executive Director, heads of department, heads of unit and other external-facing staff (e.g. those responsible for media and stakeholder relations). For general contact information see the Contact Us page.

Where can I find contact information for experts working for EFSA?

In the interests of personal privacy, EFSA does not provide the contact details of its experts. This is in accordance with the exception stated In Article 4 of the Regulation (EC) No 1049/2001 regarding public access to European Parliament, Council and Commission documents. The names of all Scientific Panel and Working Group members are published on our website in the Scientific Panels & Units section. Relevant occupational and affiliation details of all EFSA experts are provided in their Declarations of Interests. In addition, a CV is published for each Panel member.

Do you welcome visitors from organisations or schools?

EFSA can in principle welcome visitor groups. However, the visit should be directly related to EFSA’s risk assessment activities. The group should not include more than 25 persons. To request a visit, send us a request using the online form, stating clearly the subject of interest, the size of your group and whether you will bring an interpreter with you. Each request will be considered individually.

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