User manual for reporting officers and reporters for mapping Member State standard terminology to EFSA standard terminology

zoonoses data models, Excel, XML, XSD, DCF
First published in EFSA Supporting Publications
8. Februar 2016
1. Februar 2016
Technical Report


The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is tasked with coordinating the reporting of zoonoses, zoonotic agents, animal populations, antimicrobial resistance and food-borne outbreaks in the European Union (EU) under Directive 2003/99/EC, as well as analysing and summarising the data collected. For data collection purposes, EFSA created a simple Microsoft Office Excel-based mapping tool to allow Member States (MSs) to manage the mapping of their standard terminology to that published by EFSA. This technical report is a user manual for data providers that describes how to map terms and generate extensible markup language (XML) for submission of 2015 data, according to Zoonoses data models.

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