Annual Report of the EFSA Journal 2013

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19. Dezember 2014
12. Dezember 2014
Technical Report


Currently hosted on the corporate website, the EFSA Journal publishes the scientific outputs of the European Food Safety Authority. A total of 464 articles were added in 2013 bringing the total archive at year end to 3 700 and comprising 2 300 scientific opinions by one of its ten Scientific Panels or Scientific Committee. In terms of page views, the Journal continues to represent the majority of traffic to the EFSA corporate website. The Journal is widely referenced in some of the leading bibliographic databases relevant to EFSA’s work, such as CAB Abstracts, Food Science and Technology Abstracts (FSTA), SciFinder and others. Subscriptions to the table of contents increased to over 10 000 in 2013. In addition to special issues, the Journal continues to publish editorials by staff and contributing experts which address key topics of interest to the risk assessment community and to all those concerned with ensuring food safety. Two such editorials were published in 2013, on the risk assessment of GM plant applications and the global decline in pollinators. By the end of 2013, EFSA began to consider future publishing options for the Journal: How can the editing process be professionalised to achieve a consistent quality? How can the visibility of EFSA’s outputs be improved to ensure that the contribution of its contributing experts is fully recognised? What steps need to be taken to improve the impact of EFSA’s scientific work? How can EFSA improve the Journal platform? How can the number of republications be reduced? Such forward-looking questions are addressed in the final section of the report and form the basis of many of the actions already taken in 2014 to improve the performance of the Journal.

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