Action plan for improving the peer review process

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First published in EFSA Supporting Publications
8. Dezember 2017
29. November 2017
Technical Report


This  document  reflects on  the  implementation  of actions  on  improving the  peer  review  process on pesticides active substances. The action points are the outcome of a dedicated workshop of the 20thm eeting of the EFSA Pesticide Steering Network (PSN) as well as proposals based on complementary interactions  between  EFSA,  the European  Commission  (EC)  and  Member  States  (MS).The  scope  of the action plan covers all steps during the peer review process: preparation of  the summary dossier by the applicant, preparation of the  Draft/ Renewal Assessment Report (DAR/RAR), peer review and the finalisation of the EFSA conclusion. The aim of the actions for improving the peer review process is to enhance the overall quality of the process, to optimize different steps, to improve the efficiency and to facilitate the cooperation between EFSA and MS.

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