EFSA's Catalogue of support initiatives during the life-cycle of applications for regulated products

applicants, stakeholders, applications, support initiatives, regulated products, APDESK Unit, REPRO Department
First published in EFSA Supporting Publications
22. April 2016
22. April 2016
Last Updated
1. August 2019. This version replaces the previous one/s.
Technical Report


As part of EFSA’s ongoing commitment to engage with its stakeholders and to increase understanding of its scientific risk assessment work, EFSA’s Scientific Evaluation of Regulated Products (REPRO) Department has developed a customer-oriented approach to stakeholders in the area of applications for regulated products with the aim of establishing an interactive and responsive evaluation process. The current EFSA Catalogue provides a list of harmonised support initiatives targeted to applicants that are currently implemented in EFSA during the entire life-cycle of applications for regulated products. The description of each initiative includes the nature and the scope of the service, the phase in the life-cycle of the application, the format, the unit in charge, the date from which the service is in place, when it is applicable, the participants involved, the type of outcome expected, who can request the service, when and how to access the service, and the staff member/s in charge. By describing the details of each support initiative, EFSA wishes to increase awareness of the initiative and especially encourage an active accessibility to the different services in place for applicants when possible and needed. The current Catalogue (version 2017) supersedes the previous version (version 2016). The Catalogue will be reviewed and updated regularly as needs arise and in line with resource availability in EFSA.

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