Annual Report (2011) of EFSA Scientific network for Risk Assessment in Animal Health and Welfare

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30. März 2012
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In accordance with EFSA’s strategy for cooperation and networking with Member States and Decision concerning the establishment and operation of European Networks of scientific organisations operating in the fields within the Authority’s mission two meetings were organised in by EFSA AHAW Unit in Parma in 2011, the first on the 2 and 3 May 2011 and the second on the 14-15 November 2011.

Various ways of collaboration and networking within EFSA scope were presented and discussed. Members of the network presented national Risk Assessment activities in the filed of AHAW. Retrospective comparative analysis of risk assessment on Q-fever and Echinococcus was organised and results discussed. Draft guidance on risk assessment for animal welfare and recent development on the topic were presented to the network members.

Information was exchanged on activities of network members (EFSA and member states), practical exercises were organised to collect and discuss specific topics. Options for data collection and sharing, communication channels and potential for more topic specific meetings and discussions were identified as very important in future collaboration.

4. April 2012