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Ergebnisse 21 - 30 von 2024

9th plenary meeting of the FAF Panel

Members of the relevant scientific panel meet to discuss and adopt scientific outputs. Agenda (267.82 KB) Plenaries Scientific panels false ...

24 September 2019 to 26 September 2019
Parma, Italy

Pest survey card on Bactrocera dorsalis

This pest survey card was prepared in the context of the EFSA mandate on plant pest surveillance (M‐2017‐0137), at the request of the European Commission. The purpose of the document is to assist the Member States to plan annual survey activities of quara ...

19 September 2019
Technical report

Plant health newsletter: what’s on the horizon?

EFSA’s monthly round-up of plant health coverage in the media is now available on the EFSA Journal platform. The newsletter gathers together published articles and updates on plant pests that have been identified as potential threats to crops, forests and ...

18 September 2019

Newsletter zur Pflanzengesundheit: Was bringt die Zukunft?

Die monatliche Zusammenfassung der EFSA der Medienberichterstattung über Pflanzengesundheit steht nunmehr auf der Plattform des EFSA-Journals zur Verfügung. Der Newsletter umfasst veröffentlichte Artikel und aktuelle Entwicklungen zu Pflanzenschädlingen, ...

18 September 2019

Flavouring Group Evaluation 05 Revision 3

The EFSA Panel on Food Additives and Flavourings (FAF) was requested to evaluate 54 flavouring substances attributed to the Flavouring Group Evaluation 05 (FGE.05), using the Procedure as referred to in the Commission Regulation (EC) No 1565/2000. This Re ...

31 Juli 2019
Scientific Opinion

Pest categorisation of Spodoptera litura

The EFSA Panel on Plant Health (PLHP) performed a pest categorisation of  Spodoptera litura  (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) for the EU.  S. litura  is widely distributed across South and East Asia and Oceania. It is established in tropical and subtropical regio ...

30 Juli 2019
Scientific Opinion