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Antimicrobial resistance shows no signs of slowing down

ECDC/EFSA report “rings alarm bells”, says EU Commissioner Data released today by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) reveal that antimicrobials used to treat diseases that can be tra ...

26 Februar 2019

Feed additives: online tool upgraded to improve exposure estimates

As of today applicants can make better estimates of exposure to residues of feed additives, thanks to a new release of the Feed Additives Consumer Exposure calculator (FACE). The FACE calculator is a user-friendly tool for estimating chronic and acute die ...

19 Februar 2019

Salmonella cases in humans: assessing current EU reduction targets

After several years of decline, salmonellosis cases in the EU have flattened out. EFSA scientists say that setting stricter targets for Salmonella in laying hens at farm level could help reduce cases of this origin by a half. EU countries are currently re ...

18 Februar 2019

Zoonosen: Fortschritte ins Stocken geraten

Im vergangenen Jahr gab es in der EU im Vergleich zu 2016 nur geringfügige Schwankungen bei gemeldeten Fällen der drei wichtigsten Zoonosen. Die Zahl der gemeldeten Fälle von Salmonellose und Campylobacteriose blieb in den letzten fünf Jahren stabil, währ ...

12 Dezember 2018