Feed additives: join the discussion groups

EFSA is inviting its registered stakeholders to join two ad-hoc discussion groups that will assist in the development of draft guidance documents on the assessment of feed additives.

The initiative is part of EFSA’s Stakeholder Engagement Approach, under which discussion groups act as “learning systems” that allow EFSA to capitalise on stakeholders’ specialist knowledge in specific areas. They are consultative bodies.

How does it work?

As a participant in the discussion groups, you will have the opportunity to attend working group meetings (in person or via teleconference) with EFSA experts and give your comments on the documents. The drafting of the document remains the responsibility of EFSA’s working group experts.

  • EFSA Discussion Group on the FEEDAP Panel Guidance on the assessment of the efficacy of feed additives: Application form | Call
  • EFSA Discussion group on the FEEDAP Panel Guidance document for the environmental risk assessment of feed additives: Application form | Call

The deadline for applications is 18 April 2017.