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Technical meeting with stakeholders on applications for food enzymes

Background Food enzymes can be added to the EC list of authorised food enzymes only after their safety has been assessed by EFSA. The procedures for evaluation and authorisation of food enzymes are laid down in Regulation (EC) No 1332/2008. EFSA’s Food In ...

19 Juni 2019 to 20 Juni 2019
Brussels, Belgium

10th Meeting of the GMO Network

Agenda (199.92 KB) Minutes (238.57 KB) Presentations Presentation 4.1a (187.29 KB) Presentation 4.1b (282.64 KB) Presentation 4.2 (208.21 KB) Presentation 4.3 (339.46 KB) Presentation 4.4 (605.54 KB) Presentation 4.5 (398.13 KB) Presentation 4.6 (294.07 K ...

18 Juni 2019 to 19 Juni 2019
Parma, Italy

Ad hoc meeting with industry representatives

On 13 June 2019, EFSA met EuropaBio as part of the second ad ho c meeting with industry representatives. The meeting provided an opportunity to discuss various topics pertaining to the risk assessment of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Participants ...

13 Juni 2019

128th plenary meeting of the BIOHAZ Panel

Members of the relevant scientific panel meet to discuss and adopt scientific outputs. Draft Agenda (301.13 KB) Minutes (233.95 KB) Plenaries Scientific panels false ...

05 Juni 2019 to 06 Juni 2019
Parma, Italy

Webinar: Find out more about EFSA's Traineeship

Agenda Summary The goal of the webinar was to: present the traineeship scheme as well as testimonials from current trainees and ex-trainees who are now staff members; emphasise the main benefits of a traineeship compared with those offered by other instit ...

29 Mai 2019

Webinar: EFSA’s new dedicated support to SMEs

Agenda Summary The goal of the webinar was to: Present the new targeted initiatives that are available for SMEs. Provide SMEs with the opportunity to propose suggestions and ideas to better address their needs in relation to applications of regulated prod ...

24 Mai 2019

39th meeting of the Focal Point Network

39th meeting of the Focal Point Network by EFSA eu Agenda (184.21 KB) Minutes (1.22 MB) Presentation 3.1 (22.56 MB) Presentation 3.2 (416.54 KB) Annex 4.1 (150.54 KB) Presentation 4.3 (1.27 MB) Presentation 5 (472.68 KB) Presentation 6 (313.27 KB) Present ...

22 Mai 2019 to 23 Mai 2019
Bosnia and Herzegovina